Best Hair Trends for 2019

It’s getting close to Christmas… too close, some might say, but if you want to step into 2019 with an amazing hair style, there are a range of trends on the cards! 2019 seems to be the year of long, pompous hair and short bold haircuts. Asymmetry, a classic caret, and the bob are going to be seen on the runways and in the magazines. Get in fast, and you could be the trend-setter of your suburb!

Here are our top recommendations:

Coloured Hair

While the trend at any high-end Brisbane hair salon has involved balayages and ombres, using colours such as red with hues of violet, red and carrot hues are becoming all the rage.

If you have short hair, this look can be enhanced with the addition of applying some human hair extensions.

Short and Bold

Women today are more confident than ever. They are stepping out with shorter hairstyles that make a bold statement. This includes the return of bob cuts that brought the 80’s to a stand-still; and spiky dos that Pink would be jealous of.

Thick Bangs

Thick bangs are a great way to accentuate the eyes. This style can be worn with long or short hair. Our amazing team at The Lounge & Co hair salon, Ormiston can help you create a cosmic look with thick bangs.

Loose and Carefree

Women of today don’t have a lot of time for styling their hair. The 2019 trend is heading toward a natural pattern in ponytails, messy hair, and asymmetrical cuts. Pigtail braids will continue to be a top trend as well.

To get the latest styles for your hair, contact the team at one of Brisbane’s best salons, The Lounge & Co hair salon Ormiston, today!