Luxurious Balayage Hair in Thornlands

Have you recently said goodbye to that once hot flame of a romance turned dud? Would you like to show him what he’s missing out on by changing up your look a bit? Prove to him that blonde’s definitely do have more fun and that you are one of them. Elevate your style and strut your stuff with an appointment for Balayage hair in Thornlands. Balayage treatment is a French style of colouring hair using a painting technique that leaves your hair colour looking natural and effortless.

The Lounge & Co. is a professional salon proudly servicing Thornlands. We had our grand opening in Ormiston in 2016 and provide a multitude of services to the surrounding areas. Not only do we offer Balayage hair for Thornlands residents, but we also have a vast menu of other treatments to choose from such as brow shaping, eyelashes, and tanning. Come in, relax, and unwind while we get to work on your new look.

Changing your look even a little bit may give you more self-confidence and provide the edge you need to let Mr Once Was know you are over him for good. Balayage hair in Thornlands is giving women a softer, sun-kissed look that brightens their face and gives a more youthful appearance. Cash in on that today by calling us and setting up an appointment with our experienced stylists. We look forward to making you feel pampered and relaxed while giving you an updated look you will want to showcase.


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