Look and Feel Fabulous at Our Beauty Salon near Cleveland, Redlands, and Ormiston

We live in a world of seemingly endless beauty opportunities. At times, the vast array of options may leave you feeling lost and indecisive about your look. If you’re ready to transform your style—but you’re not sure how—The Lounge & Co. is a beauty salon in Ormiston for those who want to look and feel their very best.

A Look at Beauty Trends to Follow (and What to Leave Behind)

Not all trends and styles stick around, such as some of the most egregious beauty offenders in recent years—matte lipstick and over-the-top contouring for example. Yet not everyone is sure what look will work for them, and what style trends are worth avoiding. When you visit our beauty salon near Cleveland, in Ormiston, you can feel confident that the advice you receive from our skilled stylists will help enhance your natural beauty and will work with your particular sense of fashion and style.

Both the balayage and the ombre continue to dominate hair trends, and are a great fit for those with long, straight hair. If you have shorter hair, or would like to take your long hair to the extreme, hair extensions are also an attractive option. When you have plenty of hair to play around with, bouncy blowouts look fabulous and add sexy volume. Of course, you can always go with chic, simple and timeless with a sleek middle part and straight strands of gorgeous hair. The choice is yours, and as with all things in beauty, no one look fits everyone.

Why The Lounge & Co. is the Beauty Salon in Redlands Area You Need

The Lounge & Co. is the boutique salon experience you’ve been dreaming of in the Redland City region. Whether you want beautiful, made-for-you balayage for your hair or you’re looking for a complete makeup and hair colour transformation, our stylists are ready to wow you with our talents. We aren’t your typical beauty salon in Ormiston—we are a luxury hair and beauty boutique you can trust.

Our director, Candice Whitehead, has over 18 years’ experience as a makeup artist and hair stylist for Queensland, having worked in Brisbane and throughout the Gold Coast before setting up shop in Ormiston. Whether the style you seek is high fashion or something more timeless, Candice and her dedicated and passionate team of stylists will work with you to achieve a truly fabulous result. You’ll love the way you look and feel when you leave and will feel confident you’ve found the very best beauty salon in Redlands.

If you’d like to know more, be sure to call us for a phone consultation to discuss our full range of beauty services so we can offer our recommendations. Once our stylists understand your needs, all you’ll need to do is walk in, sit down in our chair, and allow us to take care of the rest. Our beauty salon in Cleveland will style you to perfection! Book online today.




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