Booking Fee

For all appointments, a $50 booking fee is required. This secures your appointment and allocates the time for your stylist. In no circumstance can this be refunded. We can however, keep the amount on your account for future credit.

Unfortunately, we are unable to action your booking without a booking fee on file.

Cancellation Policy

We understand things happen, and if you have called to inform us, we will endeavour to assist and proceed with your scheduled appointment as best we can.

48 hour’s notice is required should you need to change or cancel a booking, however 72 hours notice or more is preferred.

Any appointment cancelled for any reason with less than 48 hour’s notice will result in forfeit of your booking fee.

We are unable to accept cancellations left by messages outside of business hours. We do not take salon phones home with us. And our social media accounts are not checked during our days off.

You will receive a confirmation text message 72 hours prior to your appointment date for you to confirm well in advance to help you avoid any loss of booking fees.

Running Late

If you are more than 10mins late and have not called to inform us, we will assume you are not attending your appointment. This will result in a forfeit of your booking fee. Should this happen a second time, you will be charged the full amount of the booked service.

If you are late, it will be your appointment that is cut short and not the following guest’s, you will be charged for the full scheduled appointment.

No Show

As a small business our guests are our best assets, we take each appointment seriously and don’t have any leeway with timeframe, We don’t rush our craft and will always endeavour to provide our best service.

Please don’t take this for granted and please respect our time as we respect yours. Therefore if you do not attend your scheduled appointment you will forfeit your booking fee and may be charged the full-service fee to cover lost costs.

Appointment Booked Within 48hrs Of Cancellation Window

Please be aware even if you booked your appointment within the 48hr cancellation time frame you are still bound to our cancellation policy.

Change Of Mind

If you have a change of mind while in our salon this may also result in forfeit of your booking fee.

Refund Policy

At The Lounge & Co we take hairdressing extremely seriously.

We never want any of our guests to be unhappy with the service they received within our salon and we will do everything we can to make whatever you are unhappy with right.

If for some reason we haven’t got the colour, cut or any other service to what your and our expectation is, we want to know and we want to rectify this.

Please get in touch with the salon via phone or email. You can send a direct email with your feedback to we love salon feedback both positive and constructive.

Not 100% Happy with your hair or salon experience?

Contact us immediately

Come into the salon and discuss options.

Any complaints must be made within a 24 hour period of the original appointment.

Thank you for your understanding.