Tips for choosing the right hair stylist

Your hair is your crowning glory, and its care must be given to someone you trust. Finding just that right stylist can be a challenge, but with some useful tips and patience, you will strike up a long-lasting relationship to keep your locks in tip-top shape.

Research & Talk

Your smartphone is your best friend here.

If you’re new to an area and want to find the best hair salon, or even local hair salon, do your research. A simple search for best hair salon Brisbane or hairdresser Ormiston will produce thousands of results. But every salon has the same blue hyperlink on that search engine results page. How do you distinguish between them all?

To start with, check various sites online and check out their reviews. Just remember though, people are more likely to vent their frustrations online for negative experiences, whereas they seldom take the time and effort to write a review for positive experiences unless encouraged to do so.

Once you have found a quality salon, give them a call. Talk to the stylists or receptionist and see what they are like. If they are happy to give you advice over the phone, and have a friendly manner that is helpful as well – you could be on to a winner. Don’t be discouraged if they give you advice only to a certain point. Hair is one of those “it depends” kind of services everyone’s hair is different and can be at different stages of health. More often than not, the hair stylist will need to physically see and touch your hair.

Whether you are looking for a colourist, cut technician or shampoo and set specialist, go straight to the source: your professional local salon.

Social Media

It can reveal loads of information.

Using social media can often lead to finds you never thought possible. Put it out there in a post on any of the social media avenues, and most likely you will get a response in no time.

Friends, followers, tweeters, and even your groups can often lead to a recommendation of a great stylist. Word of mouth is a powerful thing so finding a quality hair salon like our boutique salon in Ormiston, could be simply if you ask around.

Remember though, just like when you post photos on social media, hair salons and other businesses only put their best work out for everyone to see. A professional hair salon with experienced stylists should be able to achieve the results you see on social media.

Is It That Important?


No doubt your hair is important to you – otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at a blog on how to choose a quality stylist! So it’s essential to find the right partner in your hair care routine. You need to trust the person colouring, cutting, washing/conditioning and styling your hair. Often that means shopping around, or you could just take our word for it.

At The Lounge & Co, located in Ormiston, you are sure to find just the right stylist to keep your locks looking gorgeous. Give us a call to book an appointment today.