Before you come to us with a screenshot…

Changing your hair colour whether it be from dark to light or vice versa, can be a daunting experience. You’ve spent weeks, if not months, toying with the idea of what you will look like with that new colour. You’ve developed a mental image of what you might look like and how glamorous you are going to be. How you will be the topic of conversation in your social circle and the envy of most. Until finally you have made the decision. “Yep! Let’s change my hairstyle”.

You’ve seen picture upon picture, in all of the magazines and on your social media feed, of celebrities and insta-famous influencers, with a gorgeous Ombre’ or a to-die-for Balayage’ hairstyle. And now it’s your turn. Because you deserve it, right?

Well not so fast missy. We need to have a little chat. We need to talk about those little white lies you tell us when you’re in our chair. If you don’t tell us now, we’ll soon find out when we begin to colour or lighten your hair. Its about your hair history, and more to the point, your colour history. That and also your expectations with respect to time in salon vs outcome.

Often, we are asked, as you whip out your phone and pull up that screenshot, “can you achieve this look?” and the answer is often a resounding “Yes we sure can.” (with a caveat of, “as long as we do the following, and it may not happen in one sitting”) Although for some reason, you only heard us say “yes”.

So, sometimes you may not walk out after the first visit looking like the photo you have shown us. But we can get you there. You just need to be patient. It’s a process, and a process designed to give you what you want while still attached to your scalp.

Let’s say you want to go from box-dyed-black to Kim Kardashian blonde in one sitting but you don’t want to be carrying your hair out of the salon in a grocery bag. Well it seems like we’re at a bit of an impasse. You see, here at The Lounge & Co. we pride ourselves on putting your needs first, and that includes maintaining the integrity of your hair during and following your visit. For a drastic transformation like the one mentioned above, a lot of work has to be un-done before we can begin with the real task at hand. That being, your gorgeous new hairstyle.

We need to strip the months or years of sin from your hair (the supermarket box dye and cheap shampoos) depending on how naughty you have been and other factors like hair length, hair thickness and hair health, this process can take quite some time (hours). We use and recommend the highest quality L’Oréal professional products and Olaplex to ensure your hair’s integrity is maintained for the entire process. But we can only push the hair as far as it is able to go. This is also dependent on your willingness to use the products recommended. Olaplex helps us to push the hair further through the process. Cutting down on time in the chair while maintaining the integrity of the hair. Without Olaplex, the process takes a little longer and we can’t be as aggressive with the process.

Even with the use of all of the professional products, some transformations can take in excess of 5 hours from start to finish! So, bring your phone charger 😉

With that being said. Throughout the entire process, our priority is you and the health of your hair. We use specifically formulated salon professional products with which we’ve been expertly trained. This all in-turn helps to produce for you, the gorgeous results you are after.

So, before you make the tough decision to change up your hair colour. Just remember, it’s a process and it will take some time. Be prepared that you may have to live with a transitional colour for a short period of time on your journey to your destination hairstyle. But be happy in the fact that when you walk out of our little Bayside boutique salon, your hair will look, feel and be healthy and beautiful.

The Lounge & Co. xox