Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch with us, you can contact your nearest salon via the links below, or feel free to use the contact form on this page.

Need to cancel?

We get it – life happens. In the situation you need to cancel an appointment, please phone us at the earliest convenience and we will endeavour to assist and proceed as best we can.

Running late?

If you are more than 10 minutes late and have not called to inform us, we will assume you will not be attending your appointment, which in turn means forfeiting your deposit. If this were to happen a second time, you will be ultimately charged the full service amount from the missed appointment.

If we can not proceed with your service due to your tardiness this will also result in you forfeiting your deposit.

We try to accomodate all of our guests, so if you’re late, the appointment will be naturally cut short to ensure our level of service for the following guest. We appreciate your understanding.

No show?

As a small business, our guests are our best assets. We take each appointment seriously and don’t have any leeway with timeframe. We don’t rush our craft and will always endeavour to provide the ultimate service. Please don’t take this for granted and respect our time as we do yours. Therefore, if you do not attend your scheduled appointment you will forfeit your deposit and may be charge an additional fee at your next appointment to cover lost costs.

Booked within 48 hours?

Please be aware if you book an appointment within the 48 hour cancellation time frame, you will still be bound to our cancellation policy. Any cancellations within 48 hours of your appointment will result in forfeit of your deposit.
Booking Fee
For all appointments a $50 booking fee is required. In no circumstance can this be refunded. We can however, keep the amount on your account for future credit.