Our Hair Boutique Can Help Redlands, Ormiston and Cleveland Women Look Their Best

Perhaps you know someone who always seems to have salon-perfect hair, a woman whose hair is never frizzy and always looks meticulously kept and groomed. You may have wondered just how she does it, and how you could look like her without having to spend hours each day primping and blowing out your locks. With the right stylist, you might be able to achieve hair perfection as well. The pros at The Lounge & Co., a hair boutique in the Cleveland area, are ready to help make your beauty dreams come true.

How Our Stylists Make Your Hair Healthier and More Manageable

When you treat yourself to a beautiful new look at our luxurious salon, you won’t just feel spoiled and pampered because of the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere or because of our warm and knowledgeable stylists. You’ll also be getting healthier and more manageable hair thanks to the quality of our high-end hair styling products. After you’ve walked out of our hair boutique near Redlands, you’ll have a look that will last longer with less effort for you to maintain each day.

A trusted stylist can go a long way toward helping you look and feel good every day between treatments. With less time spent trying to fix your hair, you’ll be able to focus on other things that matter to you. When you do return to our hair salon, you’ll know that you will get the right treatment and that you can relax in our welcoming environment. Having a trained professional you can trust gives you the peace of mind of knowing your hair will look great each time you get it styled.

Why we’re the Hair Boutique in Ormiston You Can Trust

The Lounge & Co. is located conveniently in Ormiston, with easy accessibility for those coming from Redlands or Cleveland. Our salon features a well-appointed interior with a comfortable lounge and waiting area. Yet it is our stylists who really get our clientele talking, and are the reason why we’re the best hair boutique in the Cleveland region when it comes to getting the perfect look you need. Our skill comes from the many years of combined experience our passionate stylists provide, making us stand out as a hair boutique in Ormiston worth visiting and re-visiting each time you want to update your look.

We offer complete hair services for ladies, men, and children by appointment. When you book with us, you can take advantage of our wide array of styling options. Whether you want a cut and colour or are looking for a total hair and makeup transformation, we will work with you to help you look and feel amazing. We also provide additional services, such as spray tans that look natural and help enhance your tone.

If you’re ready to discuss your hair and beauty needs with a stylist, be sure to call us today for a phone consultation to book your first appointment with us, or visit us on Tuesdays through Saturdays at our Ormiston location. We look forward to working with you to give you the total hair transformation you deserve.




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