Get Outrageous Colour from the Top Hairdresser in Cleveland

Vibrant colours, pastels, and the uber-trendy Ombre have become increasingly popular in recent years. There are more options than ever  for  transforming your hair’s natural appearance, yet there is also the danger of falling victim to translucent colour and over processed ends. The Lounge & Co. has the solution for all your bad colour woes and will treat you to a luxurious salon experience that will leave you feeling fabulous. Why trust your hair to a one-formula-fits-all box when you are sure to get the look you crave with our processing and hair treatments at our Cleveland salon?

Just Say No to the Box

Some people will walk in to a salon for a great haircut, only to go home and undo the great with colour straight from a box. Most people who try to colour their hair at home find that it rarely comes out looking the way it looks on the packaging. Even with semi-permanent or temporary colours that “wash out”, without a process considering what levels and shades will give you the right look, you could end up with dull or dingy colour that lasts for weeks!

Box colour is also bad for your hair. Most formulas use high amounts of ammonia, which leave your hair porous and damaged, and could cause allergic reactions. However, most ammonia-free colours aren’t necessarily healthier for your hair either. For the best results, which will keep your hair looking its best, there’s simply no better alternative than to visit The Lounge & Co. and spend time with a true hair stylist at our Cleveland shop.

You can avoid many common from-the-box hair colour mishaps when you leave processing to the professionals. A professional hairdresser has spent years training and perfecting the art of colour. Did you know that the pass rate for hair colourists is less than 20%? Why trust something as important as your hair colour to your own guess work or to your friends, when you can leave it to a professional hair stylist and rest assured you’ll walk out looking great.

Colour Fixes from Your Professional Hair Stylist in Cleveland

We aren’t just any hairdresser in Cleveland. We are a Kerastasé Master Ambassador Salon, and can boast years of experience. When you walk into our salon, we will treat you to a relaxing experience. Why fret about the way your hair might turn out at home when you can lay back and allow us to work our magic? We will ensure that you receive the hair colour transformation you want, which will amaze both you and your friends.

If you’ve tried colouring your hair at home and now have buyer’s remorse, we’re here to help. Our toners and other professional products can save some of the worst hair colour mistakes and help repair damage from previous dye jobs gone wrong.

We also offer many other services beyond just amazing colour. We can give you hair extensions that you’ll swear must be your real hair or give you that photo-shoot ready, up-style look you’ve always wanted. Come to Lounge & Co. for your hair treatments in Cleveland, and allow us to help you find your new style.


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