Hairdresser/Stylist Offers Modern Luxurious Treatments in Ormiston

Have you been searching for a hair stylist in Ormiston who can create a look unique to you? Something that says, “I have arrived!” Maybe you’re tired of the home treatments you purchased from the supermarket and need a new style to make you look and feel fresh and confident? The team at The Lounge & Co. has what you are looking for to change your look. We are not a one price fits all, get them in the door and get them out shop. We want your visit with us to leave you feeling luxuriously doted on and pampered. Simply put, any visit to The Lounge & Co. in Ormiston should be an elevated experience.

You may be tempted to put off making that call to set up an appointment, but don’t. Having your hair styled makes you feel better on the inside because you are happier with your appearance. Regular appointments with your stylist also keeps your hair healthier, so it looks and feels fresh and new. You deserve a team of stylists offering a variety of options in a relaxing environment that help you de-stress from your busy hectic life. The Lounge & Co. has what you are looking for and more.

Get Noticed with a Professional Hairdresser in Ormiston?

How many times have you spent hours at the salon with a hairdresser, only to go home or back to work and not have anyone notice? That is frustrating. We strive to create a look with which you’ll be satisfied.  We also want others to see how much more self-assured you are with that new look. Our team focuses on you and ensuring that you leave the salon feeling more confident and fabulous than when you arrived. We want your friends, family, and co-workers to stop and stare and wonder what is different.

We established our salon in Ormiston in 2016. We are a Kerastasé Master Ambassador salon, which means our stylists have completed the master ambassador training through L’Oreal Kerastasé. Our team is professional, friendly, courteous and are well-versed in the world of beauty. We offer the finest in hair treatments in Ormiston by providing high-end products and brands that offer the best for our clients. We take great pride in helping our patrons bring out their inner loveliness, either by freshening up their look on the outside, or making them over altogether.

Something for Everyone

Our team of stylists in Ormiston offer standard treatments for women including haircuts, shampoos and styles, but we strive to go beyond the norm. Want eyelashes? We can do that. Desire a spray tan that looks natural and even, not orange? We have that.  We can shape your brows and do your makeup. We have Olaplex treatments to strengthen and maintain the integrity of your hair,  we also provide colouring, including the most modern trends like Balayage and Ombre.

Our hairdressers also offer hair services for men, including shampoo, cut, style, colour, and cut throat razor edges. We even cater for children at The Lounge & Co. with our full-service hair treatments for the younger generation. We go above and beyond what is expected, providing superior salon services to your entire family. End your search now. You’ve found the hairdresser in Ormiston you’ve been seeking.



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