Dreaming of Balayage? Visit a Hair Stylist near Thornlands for this A-Lister Look!

Stuck in a hairstyle rut? One of the easiest ways to breathe life into your hair is to change up its colour. Balayage is just one of many trending options to consider.

While it has been around for a while, Balayage has enjoyed something of a renaissance in hair salons everywhere in recent years thanks to A-list celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Sarah Jessica Parker bringing the look back to the red carpet. It’s easy to see why this style appeals. Balayage creates a soft, natural appearance that mimics naturally sun-kissed locks thanks to subtle hand-painted highlights. At The Lounge & Co., a professional hairdresser near Thornlands, we can give you that perfect Balayage look you crave.

So, What Is Balayage?

The word ‘Balayage’ is a French term meaning “to sweep” or “paint”. Rather than referring to a particular colour or look, Balayage is a technique a stylist uses to apply highlights. Instead of using foil to saturate the hair with dye, a stylist will paint bleach or hair colour freehand onto the surface to create a sweeping effect as the name suggests. Perfect Balayage results in a very pretty effect on the hair and can be made to complement virtually any base colour, skin tone, or hair texture. The look appeals because it is never harsh, and when done right always looks amazing.

It takes a professional to achieve the true Balayage look, so you shouldn’t attempt to recreate it at home. If you’ve done other forms of colour processing recently, a stylist may need first to do a root stretch tint to avoid harsh and unnatural lines.

Because of its luxe appearance and the exact care required to perfect, this hair treatment always turns heads without requiring a major colour transformation. After you receive a Balayage treatment from a hairdresser at our Thornlands-area salon, all your friends are sure to ask you about your hair and where you got it done.

Other Trending Hair Treatments in Thornlands

While Balayage is one of the most-requested hair treatments in Thornlands and elsewhere, there are many other trending and stylish options to consider that The Lounge & Co. is proud to offer. When it comes to highlights, you have more options available now than ever before. The Ombre is another popular style that models and celebrities have popularised, with dramatic colour transitions that are sure to impress when done right. Just like with Balayage, you should leave the Ombre to professionals for a natural look.  When done incorrectly, an Ombre will look like you haven’t visited a salon in months!

Besides the Ombre, we can also do root stretching which is another popular colouring treatment available, since we know that not everyone has time to visit the salon every few weeks. With root stretching, we can use a darker base colour and blend it naturally into a lighter shade, such a blonde.

At the Lounge & Co., we are industry leaders who know how to pull off enviable looks that only true professionals can achieve. After your visit with the hairdresser, you will leave the salon feeling confident and fabulous about the look of your hair.


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