Tips for Your Next Trip to the Ormiston Hair Salon near Cleveland and Redlands

Whether you need a trim, a roots touch-up, or an entirely new look, this salon is ready to help. As a top luxury hair salon in Ormiston, we provide several hair styling services for men, women, and children.

How to Pick a Haircut Based on Your Face Shape

When you're picking which hair salon in Cleveland you should choose, you may want to take a few things into consideration... If you want a fresh, new look for your hair, there are several different ways to narrow down exactly what cuts and colours will look best on you. One of the go-to ways to select a flattering haircut it to choose based on your face shape. Although you shouldn’t feel restricted by your face shape, and you should pick whatever haircut you want for yourself, these are just a few suggestions if you’re lost.

For an oval face, most haircuts will look good on you, but if you want to play down the length of your face, you can do so with side-swept bangs.

Those with round faces who don’t want their face to look so full ought to go with a longer style that has layers. A style like this makes your face look slimmer because it gives your hair more volume. If you have a sharper, squarer face shape, slight bangs and layers can make your face’s natural angles look softer. You’ll want to avoid a cut with blunt, straight ends. A pixie cut with short, choppy layers on the top of the head is a flattering look for those with a heart-shaped face. This look can make a larger forehead look smaller and soften a pronounced jaw and chin.

At our hair salon near Redlands, we have years of experience, which have given us the know how on intuitively knowing what will work for you, and what won't.

Other Tips for Selecting a Style at Your Hair Salon in Ormiston

Another important thing to consider when picking a hairstyle is the natural texture of your hair. For very thick, curly hair, shorter styles might cause your hair to poof up and become frizzy. If this is something you want to avoid, go for a longer style because your hair will be more weighted down. Conversely, if you have thin, fine hair, shorter styles will be more flattering because they will make your hair look fuller.

When in doubt, shoulder-length hairstyles look good on most people. A shoulder-length hairstyle is long enough for curly hair and short enough for fine hair and works well with most face shapes.

If you’re interested in colouring your hair, a good place to start is by looking at your skin tone. Study the undertones of your skin. If they are warm, you will want a warmer hair colour such as caramel brown or honey blonde. If they are cool, cooler hair colours like auburn or ash blonde will look best with your skin tone. You can also consider eye colour when deciding what colour to get your hair dyed.

If you’re still not sure what hairstyle to go with, talk to our qualified and experienced stylists to get their opinion. Our team is very knowledgeable and our hair salon in Redlands is more than happy to help! 




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