Often with a new season comes a new wave of hair trends. Sure, we see seasonal fashion collections kick-off twice a year without fail, yet every day hair looks and cut statements often miss the limelight. Well, not anymore!

If you’re looking to change-up your look to match the cooler season, here’s the top five looks going strong – all approved by The Lounge & Co.

1/ Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are back! Ideal for round and square faces, achieve an effortless look that flows naturally into the body of your hair.

Frame your face and bring back a 70s vibe that screams classy and texturized.

This cut was a major look at the most recent Afterpay Australia Fashion Week.

2/ 60s Waves

Waves from the 60s with a 2021 twist – that’s what we’re talking about and loving this season.

The style is pretty effortless in the realms of aesthetic and morning prep, and the results? Flawless.

You can veer too far off track once the cut has been nailed.

3/ Blunt Bobs

If you’re searching for a low maintenance, edgy yet timeless cut, a blunt bob is your answer.

Trends come and go but bobs are forever it so seems.

With a few variations doing the rounds, chat with our stylists to opt for a style and cut finish to best suit your lifestyle and face shape.

4/ The Shag

Although a feminine mullet can be controversial and thrown straight into the ‘no way’ pile, this variation is beautiful!

This haircut will add depth, texture and volume and can be catered to all hair lengths. Need to see some shaggy inspiration?

Check-out Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Suki Waterhouse and Alexa Chung.

5/ Lived-in Colour

Rather than going bold and bright with full coverage, lived-in colours are having a moment. What do we mean by lived-in?

A softer starting and transition where the colours meet, roots stretched and colours melted to create more of a natural look.

From blondes to brunettes, lived-in colours and dimensions will shine in the sun and look insane when curled or straightened!