The decision between choosing a home-based salon or a professional hair salon is not one to be taken lightly. Both offer their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

The Home-based Salon

Visiting a home salon may seem to be a great option. A home salon may suit you because the prices are typically lower.

You may prefer the more intimate nature of the appointment as there is often just one stylist working on their own from home. Maybe the location is convenient, and you don’t feel the need to get out of your daggy around-the-house clothes in preparation for your appointment.

These may suit you to a tee, and that’s totally fine!

The Professional Hair Salon

When you visit the professional hair salon, the experience is often of great contrast to that which you would expect at the home salon.

At a professional hair salon, you will generally be looked after by more than one staff member. This can be quite the enjoyable experience because not only am I being pampered, but I’m being pampered by more than one person.

The professional salon can do wonders for your mental well-being. Giving you the opportunity to socialise with other ladies of a similar age or interest. Some ladies enjoy making a day of it and enjoy getting out of their sweaty active wear or their around-the-house clothes. It can feel like well-deserved me time.

Education and Training

You don’t know what you don’t know. That is, a stylist operating from home will seldom be exposed to new techniques and products. They have their skill set and it hasn’t changed in years, perhaps decades.

Our industry is changing constantly with new products being released and techniques being refined. At a professional salon, the staff are constantly embarking on industry training and workshops. Product reps from leading brands don’t make spontaneous visits to home salons. They do however stop by the professional salon to show off the latest product.

Find the Right Professional

A professional hair salon offers a variety of stylists, so you can find just the right person to care for your hair and perform the exact service you are seeking.

If you need a colour treatment, the professional colour technician can provide the best technique to give you the perfect hue. A trim/cut specialist can work with the colourist to give your locks a style that will complement the colour. Unfortunately, at a home salon, your stylist has to be a jack of all trades. They may do an amazing job, just like the stylists at the professional salon.

The defining difference is that at a professional salon you have the option. Sarah may be an exceptional colourist and stylist, but Susie just recently completed an updated course on hair painting balayage techniques and she can offer some added insight to give you that amazing hair you will fall in love with.


Your visit to your local professional hair salon will be covered by their insurance. This may seem a bit cold, but it is worth mentioning. If the dreadful were to happen during your visit to a home-based salon, there’s every chance that they won’t be covered by insurance and you could be left to pick up the pieces. With a professional hair salon, you can rest assured that should anything awful happen, that you will have that peace of mind. The professional salon will also be governed by consumer law, which means you have rights as a consumer too.

Totally Pamper Yourself

A day at the salon is a luxury we all deserve. And the best part about hair salons, is that many of them are a one-stop shop to pamper yourself. Not only can you get your hair done, but you can also enjoy a complete hair treatment, eyebrow wax and tint or eyelash extensions – and some salons might even offer other beauty services. It pays to ask!

With The Lounge & Co in Brisbane, you have found your partner in a professional hair salon. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today.