Find Your Dream Hairstyle with Hair Extensions in the Ormiston and Thornlands Area

Everyone wants to have that dream hairstyle. The look that perfectly complements their face shape and hair type, while showcasing their personal style. Simply looking through magazines and images online for looks can be a dead end. What looks great on a celebrity likely will not match your hair style and colour and face shape so perfectly. Going to a hair stylist can be a great way to find your look.

Chat with an Ormiston or Thornlands Hair Stylist about Hair Extensions

Meeting with a hair stylist can help you get professional insight about the best look for you. A hair stylist has studied hair cutting strategies and is knowledgeable in so many styles (some you may not even be aware of).

At The Lounge & Co., our staff takes the time to understand your unique styling situation. We consider factors like how much time you would like to spend styling your hair, how much product you are willing to buy to achieve a look, what types of look inspires you, and other important details in finding the best look for you.

We can advise you on the best human hair extensions choices for your situation. Human hair extensions allow you several hair styling options. If you want the flexibility to change your look every day, you can choose clip-in hair extensions. If you want to compliment your wavy and coarse hair, you can choose the skin weft tape or micro bead human hair extensions. If you want to have thicker hair that compliments your thin hair, you can use the skin Weft tape, tape, or micro bead human hair extensions option. These are just a few of the many human hair extensions options available to you. Talking over your hair extension options with a professional helps ensure you discover the right choice.

Get Your Hair Extensions Done Right

Finding a quality salon in the Ormiston or Thornlands area is important. You want to be sure you’re dealing with someone who is experienced in human hair extensions and can apply them as efficiently and effectively as possible. There is a specialised technique involved in applying the various human hair extensions, and you want a stylist knowledgeable in all of them.

The staff at The Lounge & Co. have completed the master ambassador training through L’Oreal Kerastasé, so you can be confident they know the hair styling well and use all the best industry hairstyling practices. Using the highest quality salon products, they always achieve a much better result than if you used supermarket products for your hair styling, so you’ll walk out looking fabulous.

While you are at the salon, you can also take advantage of our other hair services. We provide wash, cut, and style finish for you and the whole family (so bring on down your children and spouse). We can also help you find a great new colour, including Balayage, Blonde Bombshell, or Summer Ombre packages. We also provide permanent re-growth packages and semi colour packages. Whatever new look you want, we can help you get it.


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