Wanting something different but not sure what? Ombre could be your answer.

1. A Universal Look

The ombre look starts darker at the top and transitions your hair to a lighter colour. It’s great for all types of hair but is particularly popular with brunettes as the transition is more prominent. This technique can be done on natural hair as well as human hair extensions in our salon. It’s also excellent for short hair and hard to dye roots!

2. More Freedom For Stylists

At The Lounge & Co, you will find professional hairstylists in their element creating this on-trend look. The ombre look actually allows stylists more freedom to play – and you’ll find them sweeping colour on strands or chunks of hair, rather than focusing on a small number of strands at a time. What’s this mean for you? It’s bespoke, with no two looks the exact same.

3. No Regular Maintenance

Because you’re not touching the roots when you get the ombre look, touch-ups are not as necessary as other colour styles. As much as we love to see you, the maintenance is low!

4. Cost-Effective

This technique is used to colour the bottom half of the hair so as mentioned, you don’t have to return all the time to have your roots touched up. That means fewer trips to the salon, less money spent.

5. A Serious Technique

Ombre hair colouring has been around since the 1980s. This technique is treated with professionalism and seriousness. And we love trying out new looks on all our clients!

Slide into our DMs, give us a call or stop by to discuss how ombre could work for you.