Salon Professional VS Supermarket Hair Care

Would you like cheap or The Best? You seldom get both. We are often asked about the difference between supermarket hair care products and salon professional hair care products. We are here to tell you the professional opinion.

We always recommend the salon professional products. And no, it’s not because we are trying to line our pockets, we’d rather you purchase salon professional products from one of our competitors, than see you walk out of Coles with your favourite Supermarket shampoo.
That’s how strongly we feel about this!

And this is why!

L’Oréal and other big players like Schwarzkopf are businesses and they are out to make a profit. So, when they see that Susan likes to box dye her hair at home and buys The supermarket shampoo and conditioner, they see that they are missing out on market share.


The L’Oréal Professional products that we sell in our salon may have the same brand name on the bottle as the ones on the shelf at Coles, but that’s where the similarities end. The salon products are of a much higher quality and concentration than that of the supermarket variety.
To make up for the lack of concentrate, the supermarket varieties are loaded with fillers and other unnecessary chemicals such as silicone, cheap detergents and the harsh solvent ammonium xylene sulfonate (which can cause hair dryness and scalp irritation).

Yet another contributing factor as to why we prefer our clients use salon quality products. And it’s kind of a selfish reason. It makes “our” job much easier when it comes time to colour or lighten your hair. It’s far easier to lighten hair when you don’t need to strip out all of the fillers and cheap silicones from the hair that has been left behind from the supermarket products.

The products we recommend are formulated to assist with salon colours, meaning longevity of colour and more time between visits.

Salon professional products also help to keep your hair’s natural pH level. Many of the supermarket varieties cause your hair pH to transition to an alkaline level, which can weaken the hair resulting in breakage.

So next time you hear us droning on about how you should really use salon professional hair care products, just know that we don’t just love the sound of our own voices, it’s all about the education, quality and health of your hair.


The Lounge & Co.

PS. Be careful of Chinese knock-offs of salon professional products sold online. These are very hard to tell apart from the legitimate ones and could contain all sorts of random chemicals.