Olaplex  &  Plex  Bonding

Bond building hair treatments are widely known in the beauty world as the answer to treating damaged, over-heat-styled, over-chemically-processed hair.

Sometimes a deep conditioner or hair mask just isn’t enough.

A protein-rich bond builder works to repair hair that has been majorly compromised by wear and tear, chemical damage or excessive heat=styling.

By linking broken protein bonds in the hair shaft both during and after chemical services to make your hair stronger.

Chances are, if you’ve ever highlighted your hair or used a flat iron, you could use a protein bond-building hair treatment.


Pricing – à la carte

Our pricing operates on an à la carte basis, ensuring you only pay for the services you need

For an exact quote, please see us in-salon for a consultation or call your preferred salon to chat to our team.

Express bond builder service – From … $57.75

Bond builder step 1 & 2 in colour service – From … $134.35

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