The Importance of a Thorough Consultation

Hair consultations: the all-important appointment where you and your hairdresser make sure that you’re on the same page when it comes to your hair.

From your ideal colour and discussing the reality of how long it will take to achieve, down to how much you would like cut off – when you say a trim, you mean TRIM!

I’m sure there’s a lot of us who have fallen prey to a professional that doesn’t value a thorough consultation. A little bit too much hair is cut off and you’re devastated because you wanted to grow it, or you walk in with dark hair expecting it to be white blonde in one appointment. Having a thorough hair consultation will help everyone to understand the due process for colour work and also what your hair goals are.

Here at The Lounge & Co we pride ourselves on providing a thorough and professional hair consultation. In doing so we learn some very important truths. For an example, if you’ve been box dying your hair or using home hair care products that aren’t of professional quality, we need to know as it may change the process and techniques we’ll need to use. We want you to be informed and understand the importance of professional hair care and products – not be caught off guard when we’re not able to undo 10 years of box dye in one session! Each person’s hair history is different and we need to know all about yours to best provide you with your desired result and at home hair care, you and your hair will thank us!

If you have an idea of what you would love to achieve when it comes to your hair goals, consider doing a bit of Pinteresting before your appointment! Why? Because what your colourist is visualising when you explain what you’d like to achieve may not be what you’re visualising. Having a picture to work off helps your hairdresser to see what your end goal is and take the very important steps to prepare your hair to get there.

Consultations also help your hairdresser keep a full record of what’s going on for you – if you have any ongoing issues with your hair, any important events coming up and also what your home hair care routine is. All very important points that help us continually build a deeper understanding of your requirements and improve your experience with us.

A consultation doesn’t end with the first visit; it is a continual process that ensures that we are keeping your needs at the centre of the salon experience!

So remember, consultations are a hairdresser’s way of wanting the absolute best for you and your hair. Bring any photos that you love for inspiration, be open-minded about your goals and discuss with your hairdresser the process involved. And don’t be afraid to ask questions! A stylist should always be happy to answer any questions you have regarding an estimated price, the whole process and how long approximately it will take to achieve your goal, what products they will be using and what products you should be using at home.

And most importantly – ENJOY! Remember, this is a little act of self-love and something that should be a pleasurable experience!

When a genuine connection is formed between a client and their hairdresser – that’s when the MAGIC happens!