Let’s talk tools of the trade! Like many professionals – be that a builder, dentist, or hairdresser – there’s a selected few products that remain the go-to that’re both practiced and preached, and for all good reasons!

Just like you’d trust your dentist with their recommended and in-house toothpaste, the same should apply for your hair with your hairdresser! There’s a reason hairdressers both use and sell products – they know it works, they know the quality, and most importantly, they know it works on YOUR hair. So, what’re our go-to products? Dive in below.


Kerastase is renowned globally for their science-based approach to haircare and hair repair and this couldn’t be more accurate with one of their latest ranges: Genesis.

The full range has been curated to particularly address hair fallout and encourage hair growth working with the hair directly from the root.

Genesis is the holy grail for pregnancy hair-loss and we can say it really does work! In a nutshell, Kerastase explains “Strengthen hair fibre with a lasting shield of antioxidant power, adding protection against external aggressors with a hair care regimen that promises endless shine and hold”. What more could you ask for?


Launched in 2014 from a Californian garage, Olaplex changed the game. Their patented hair technology treatments quickly blew up to be crowd favourites globally, starting with one ingredient that launched it all: Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate.

This was the magic that took hair to healthier new heights and colours brighter than ever.

We couldn’t pick just one of their products though! Depending on your hair and its health and needs, your stylist can work with you to prescribe you the right formula.


Now, this is a product range we didn’t know we needed and will never look back. ANTI is revolutionising the way we look at haircare and taking into consideration the current societal and environmental climate – hallelujah!

As a gender neutral ethos and range, ANTI also holds a strong emphasis on being environmentally conscious, vegan, and cruelty free. The ‘Everything Spray’ is the ultimate all-rounder and is ideal for – you guessed it – everything.

Detangle, de-frizz and refresh with a quick spritz. You can use this as a primer/foundation for further styling or leave-in for fresh locks all-day long.


Can’t handle the heat? Then don’t leave the kitchen because we have you covered!

Styling tools are almost a non-negotiable when it comes to nailing a look or taming the mane, but like all things – moderation is key.

So, to protect the hair from the downsides of heat-stylers it comes down to the products and preparation.

The Kerastase Resistance range is firstly one of the best on the market for over-treated hair. Following your wash, apply a small amount to damp, towel-dried hair and massage to the ends before blow-drying and styling. The cream will essentially seal lengths and split ends while protecting the hair from up to 230 degrees. So, say goodbye to breakage and hello to resistant hair!


Finally, a product that adds an extra oomph and shine without leaving your strands greasy or heavy!

Smooth hair and tame flyaways with this finishing mist featuring argan oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. Despite the mentions of ‘oil’, don’t be worried – this combo works wonders and actually stays far away from an oily look or feel.

Mist into hands first or directly onto your hair and build the amount as desired. It also works as a great heat protectant, too!

Hero image by ANTI COLLECTIVE.