Rock Your New Style with Zippay Hair Extensions


Virtually all little girls have dreamed of having the silken long flowing locks of Rapunzel. Maybe you’ve even considered getting hair extensions to achieve the look. Maybe your hair doesn’t grow fast enough, or you just wanted to take long hair out for a spin and see how it looks and feels. So, what’s keeping you from taking the plunge? Use zippay for hair extensions at The Lounge & Co. hair salon. Zippay allows you to enjoy the new hair now, and pay for it in interest-free instalments.

Obviously, extensions lengthen your hair, but there are other reasons to try them out. Have you ever been to the salon and asked a stylist just to “take off a bit”, only to find that her version of “a bit” is quite a lot more than yours? Maybe you have a new stylist who was nervous and ended up leaving your hair short and lopsided, and you left frustrated, tired of having her try to fix it? Covering up a bad haircut is a great reason for using zippay for hair extensions.

Another reason for wanting to use zippay for hair extensions is change. Have you ever wanted to put blonde highlights in your hair but you were just too afraid to take the plunge? Maybe you’ve been dying to add some red and see if it brightens your features, yet you don’t want anything permanent. Sounds like a great time for extensions! Give us a call today, and we will give you hair extensions that will have you believing they are your real hair.


We’ve put together a useful hair extensions pack with many of the commonly asked questions. For a copy of this brief PDF, complete the form below and we’ll send you one right away.

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